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Programmable logic controllers with complete support i.e. software, programming , installation of micro to large PLC’s.
Human Machine interface either from key board or touch screen.
Operator Interfaces.
All type of sensors Proximity, capacitive, Photoelectric, ultrasonic, magnetic, level, temperature.
All sizes, multiple outputs like SSR, Alarm, Relay and different input PT-100, K etc. Din Rail type controllers are also available.
Temperature Controllers.
Different type of transmitter especially pressure & temperature transmitters.
Pneumatic solenoid valve of different & origins with coil voltage of 220Vac, 24vdv, 24vac, 110vac.
Solenoid Valves.
Switch off the system when a door of machine or panel is open helps to prevent accidents.
Are useful safety tool for  hazardous environment.
Enabling Switches.
Can monitor multiple device like emergency stop, enabling, light curtains in Human machine interface environment.
Safety Controllers.
Are best tool for hazardous, chemical & gaseous environment and prevent any flame due to current, voltage or energy.
Relay Barriers. Safety
1,2,3,4 pole MCBs for protection and safety of circuits
Circuit Breakers.
Non illuminated as well as illuminated emergency stop switches with both functions turn to release or push /pull
Emergency Stop.
Explosion proof Panels, Switches, controls sensor for hazardous environment.
Explosion proof Components/Panels. Automation & Sensing
Offers complete automation solutions.
Offers complete safety solutions.
Less heat more lighting as well as eco friendly.
Multifunction, Multi range high accuracy long life choose according to your applications
Offers Terminal blocks of high quality made of excellent flame proof, shock resistant material.
Terminal Blocks.
Panel accessories like panel lights, push button, selector key switches of high quality.
16 mm (Pic fr idec web)
22 mm (Pic fr Idec web)
30 mm (pic fr idec web)
Switches & Pilot Devices.
Immediate indication of process is must so wide range of options are available.
Display Lights.
World renowned and best relays for smooth function of process/ machines different voltages & pin arrangements along with customer desire sockets.
Relays & Sockets. LED Panel Lighting. Switching and Control
Offers complete Switching and Control solutions.
Offer from 120w to 360 w for 12v, 24v, 48v batteries light weight, handy & long life.
Of different types are available with all protections.
Inverters & UPS.
Offer solar panels and inverters as source of alternate energy
Solar Panels & Inverters.
Switch mode power supplies single / multiple output 12vdc to 48vdc from 5w to 6000w. Available mounting din rail type, panel type, open frame , desktop and adopters with or without pfc function.
0.5 w to 350 from 5vdc to 48 vdc.
DC-DC Converter. Battery Chargers. Energy and Power
Offers complete Energy and Power solutions.
Switch mode Power Supply.
Door Interlocking Switches.
Idec Meanwell
Different kinds of Multimeters available.
Different kinds of Lux Meters available.
Lux Meters.
Different kinds of Sound Meters available.
Sound Meters.
4" (101mm) Portable, Battery Operated Temperature (-30 to 50C) Chart Recorder with Display.
Temprature Recorders.
0-300 PSI Pressure Logger with Display, USB and Flash Memory Download, IP68 enclosure.
Pressure Recorder.
Data Logger with Large Display and 2-Probes
Data Loggers. Multimeters. Instruments
Offers complete Switching and Control solutions.